For San Bernardino National Forest areas, there are increased fire restrictions.
Click here for information on any fires, stoves, and BBQ in Forest/Campground areas


Big Bear Valley Residential and Business Firepit and BBQ info.

  • Propane and gas fire pits are okay
    • with 15 feet of clearance from anything combustible
  • Charcoal burning barbeques are okay
    • with 15 feet of clearance from anything combustible
  • Wood burning fire pits require 25 feet of clearance from anything combustible, including vegetation and structures
    • If the 25-foot requirement can be met, a permit is required and can be obtained through Big Bear Fire Department for a $75 fee
    • The permit is valid for 3 months, but can be temporarily suspended at any time due to high fire danger


Some Open Fire Permit Requirements:

  1. Fire Department and City approvals for installation.
  2. Valid Fire Department permit.
  3. Permit is void if windy or dry weather exists or a "Red Flag Alert" is in effect. Check our website to see if permit can be used on that day.
  4. Keep one approved water hose connected to a continuous water source, or provide other approved water source, within the reach of a fire ring.
  5. Keep one long-handled shovel available within twenty feet of fire ring.
  6. Area must be clear of all combustibles twentyfive (25) feet in all directions of fire ring. (15 feet for gas/propane only fires)
  7. Flames not to exceed two (2) feet in height at any time.
  8. There shall be not less than one responsible adult person in attendance at all times.

Check with the Fire Marshal for full requirements and permit application.

If the relaxing effect of the fire's soft crackling, gentle warmth, hypnotic visuals, and old timer's `Smore roasting` is something you can't live without, get a permit. Let us make sure to keep our community safe.